Soft Wood Fuel Pellets, 40 lb


  • Price Per Ton (50 Bags)
  • High-quality soft wood pellets
  • High BTU-for use in pellet stoves
  • 40 lb. bag of wood pellets
  • Please check at your local store for pellet composition

Buy softwood fuel pellets in Bulk in Europe & UK


Buy softwood fuel pellets . We source our softwood pellet raw materials from softwood residues from sawmills and other softwood processing. No whole trees are used in making our softwood wood pellets. Softwood has a lower density than hardwood fuel pellets in its original form, so it burns faster at a higher temperature.

However, this changes once the softwood is densified into a wood pellet and has the same density as a hardwood pellet. The biggest difference comes with the extra lignin compounds in softwood pellets make them burn hotter than hardwood, meaning production quality truly decides what you’ll get out of your pellets. It is not determined based on the wood species.

When you buy our softwood fuel pellets, you can count on our products being above the industry standard. We pride ourselves in creating pellets that not only meet the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) Standards Program but also exceed it.

WOODPELLETS  Soft Wood Fuel Pellets are a renewable, clean-burning energy source.


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