Nordik 40lb Wood Pellets


  • Price Per Ton (50 Bags)
  • Hardwood 100%

  • Bark free and clean burn

  • High BTU

Buy Nordik  Wood Pellets. Super premium hardwood pellets.Our hardwood pellets for pellet stoves are certified under the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) Standards program. We also meet the health and safety standards required from European companies, which goes well beyond industry expectations. We sell only hardwood pellets that provide high BTUs per pound (8,500+) and have a low ash content (one percent or less). Made in our Berlin, Germany plant, our hardwood fuel pellets are available across Europe, America, Australia and parts of Asia.

Hardwood pellets come from sawmill residuals of hardwood lumber or other residuals from hardwood processing. Due to a higher density in its original form, hardwood tends to burn longer and slower than softwood fuel pellets, but at a lower temperature.

However, once hardwood and softwood become pellets, they are compressed to a similar density and burn in a much more similar manner. However, hardwood pellets will not burn quite as hot as softwood pellets due to a lower concentration of lignins in the wood. What matters, in the end, is quality — whether hardwood or softwood, a wood pellet is only as good as the company making it.


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