Firewood for sale in Europe and UK . We offer all different types of firewood including ash, red and white oak, hickory, pine, pecan, cherry and other hardwoods. Our average cut is about 16″, and we offer custom cuts in any length or thickness (22″, 24″, etc.).

We sell our wood by the piece, bundle, 1/8 cord, 1/4 cord, 1/2 cord or full cord.

Whether you’re cooking, heating your home, entertaining friends with an outdoor fire pit, or something else with a need for high-quality wood, we’ll have you covered! We offer the highest quality firewood that burns clean and long. All of our firewood is unprocessed, meaning that it is natural with zero chemicals or additives. Our wood is completely split and ready for use. Firewood for sale at Masol Continental SRL.

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